The CDEA Circle of Services defines the broad spectrum of support that we provide to early education professionals, the families, the government leaders, and the professionals in our business communities.

At CDEA we have found that by applying the principles of this 360-degree approach within the context of a Christian program, the educator can provide the positive influence that will impact the success and growth of the child. We invite you to discover our complete approach to providing guidance, training, networking, and support to the professionals in the early education industry.

Professional Development

The CDEA was incorporated in 1993 and was formed to meet and support the needs of early education teachers, child care owners, directors, and administrators in the world of Christian education. Since this time, the organization’s goal has expanded to include many other services, however, our first and foremost objective continues to be: To provide the most effective, research-based professional development tools to the teacher, the child care owner, the director and the administrator.

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The CDEA works with local, state, and federal governing bodies in an informative and cooperative way to ensure their understanding of early childhood issues in Christian settings. It is the role of CDEA to make its members aware of upcoming legislation and encourage its members to take part in the process in a conscientious manner.

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Family Support Materials

CDEA believes that families are the most significant persons in a child’s life. CDEA works with educators and professional partners to support families with materials that encourages parent involvement and developmental, values-based education at home and in the classroom.

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CDEA encourages its members to network with one another. Networking may be offered in a variety of ways and to a variety of organizations.

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