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In 1999, CDEA published a guide for parents entitled, Quality Indicators of Christian Early Childhood Programs. This CDEA resource is a guide for parents seeking care and education within the context of Christian programs.The purpose of this educational resource is to enable families to choose a quality setting which encompasses all six of the developmental domains.  In 2003, this guide was revised to include changes in the industry.

 Quality Indicators


Programs that offer children choices within guidelines, laden with happy experiences and Bible truths will enrich your child’s learning experiences and awareness of God’s love.

At CDEA we believe that every parents should:

  • Choose a Christian program which allows your child to develop fully in all five areas of learning.
  • Value the uniqueness of your child and make sure the program you select does too.
  • Take the time to shop around for the Christian program that offers these valuable assets.
  • Disregard any program that does not welcome your interest, answer your questions, and offer you an invitation to tour the facilities.

The values of parents are becoming an important factor as they search for an early childhood program for child. Often parents choose a Christian program because they believe their Judeo-Christian values will be reinforced and their children will reach higher academic goals. In many cases, this is true. It is also true that parents often do not have enough information to make informed choices when trying to make a decision between Christian programs A and B. While price and location are factors in their decision, they are willing to drive a little farther and pay a little more if they are confident they have chosen the correct program for their child.

The Quality Indicators of Christian Early Childhood Programs is distributed throughout the state of Florida.  The CDEA is able to share this valuable resource with all denominations and sectors allowing these families to enjoy the same benefits. Our objective is to distribute this guide on a broader scope and reach out to agencies and organizations across the nation.

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