Professional Development

When the CDEA was incorporated in 1993, the goal for the organization was to provide support, expertise, and guidance for the needs of early education teachers, child care owners, directors, and administrators in the world of Christian education.


Over the past 20 years, the needs of early education professionals and Christian ministry leaders have grown feeding the options of support that CDEA offers to include a wide array of services. With this growth, the leadership and members of CDEA have stayed true to the first and foremost objective that birthed the organization –  to provide the most effective, research-based professional development tools to the teacher, the child care owner, the director and the administrator.

At CDEA we provide certified and nationally trained leaders to guide all levels of early education professionals who are passionate about providing a healthy environment for learning with young children across the nation.

Our personalized developmental program is the perfect fit for early education professionals and Christian educators who are seeking guidance for their specific expertise.

The CDEA Toolbox

We are pleased to offer these professionals the following tools for
Professional Development

On-line Training and Center-based Training

At CDEA we believe that educating early education and church ministry professionals is key to the success of every child and must last a life time. All of our On-line and Center-based educational training courses are designed to help child care professional’s complete annual training requirements or acquire required training hours for those seeking a Birth – 5 Early Childhood Credential equivalent to the Florida Child Care Professional Credential or the National CDA.

Did you know that you can participate on-line with training – available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Take the courses you need professionally or want for your own personal gain at any time of day or night!   For more information, feel free to call and speak to a CDEA representative at 904-573-8831 or reach out with contact us !

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Developmental/Biblical Values Education(DVB)

What is Developmental/Biblical Values Education?

Developmental/Biblical Values Education (DVB) is based on curricula which provide opportunities for meeting two criteria: the developmental needs of the child, and the intrinsic values of the Judeo-Christian faith.

How do we teach developmentally?

We look at the age, abilities, and maturity of the children in our class. Just as they vary in learning styles, they also vary in developmental stages. A group of children the same chronological age will reveal a wide range of developmental stages.

DVB centers strive for the children to enjoy successful learning experiences by offering a range of diverse activities for the children in each class. These are called learning centers. These centers provide a learning experience for all children of varying learning styles, developmental levels, and abilities. Learning centers also provide for the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the children.


The News and Views Newsletter is the professional trade journal available to the members of the CDEA. This informational news publication can be delivered as a “go green” on-line format or by the more traditional route of a printed hard copy version.   This informative newsletter provides updates on CDEA activities and articles specific to teachers, directors, and family home providers in Christian settings. Both versions are easy to share and to refer to those early education professionals that need to become a member of the CDEA. For our members who are teachers, you will receive Teacher Tips in the Newsletter!   This publication provides members pertinent information to assist Christian programs in attaining high standards for children and staff.

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Renew Your Membership

Membership in an early childhood professional organization such as CDEA is required for renewal of specific Early Childhood Professional Credential and all Florida Child Care Professional Credentials. Renewing your membership each year ensures you will receive all the Member Benefits CDEA offers without interruption. Take a minute to review your CDEA Membership and renew online today!

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