bigstock-Row-of-pupils-looking-at-teachIn January of 1993 a small group of Christian directors met in the Jacksonville, Florida area to discuss legislative mandates that were causing some concerns in the early education and child care industry. After several meetings, it was decided to incorporate into a non-profit professional membership organization, The Child Development Education Alliance (CDEA). Twenty years later, the CDEA has grown from a membership of 49 in one state to more than 1000 members and has nurtured many like-minded industry partnerships across the nation.

Why should you become a Member of CDEA?

When you choose to become a member of CDEA, you become a partner with influential leaders working together to promote best practices in the highest quality programs; providing early care and education to young children across race, religion and socio economic boundaries. This community of like-minded professionals is an asset to the member as well as the hearts and minds of those children that are taught every day. All members of the CDEA are provided with:

  • high standards of educational excellence within Christ-centered child care, kindergarten, and preschool programs and a best practices approach to executing these proven methods.
  • guidance and support through a partnership with influential professionals in the child care industry, including teachers, center directors, owners and administrators.
  • the power that is developed through investing time and ideas in each other, developing relationships through networking, and speaking as one voice for quality in Christian settings.

Creating strong early learning leaders is the key to building a strong foundation for young children and ensuring the success of our industry. As one of these leaders, your ideas and active participation are welcomed in helping our organization fulfill its vision. bigstock-Pretty-Business-Woman

  • Members become a part of a professional network of like-minded leaders in a professional organization committed to excellence in quality Christian education.
  • Members can begin to network and share ideas with leaders in the industry, developing best practice expertise in early learning education including training, standards, accreditation, public policy, family support, and networking resources.
  • Members can choose from many professional development opportunities designed specifically for teachers, directors, administrators and owners of early care and education programs.

Our commitment to you as a member: The CDEA will provide every member with a proven, research-based and comprehensive solution for a successful strategic plan for providing excellence in education.

By becoming a Member, how can you help?

  • Unite the Christian early care and education community in preserving the integrity of our faith-based teaching and child development programs.
  • Assist policymakers in their efforts to provide children with safe, healthy learning environments.
  • Reaffirm the role of families.
  • Promote a better understanding of developmentally appropriate education based on the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and moral/spiritual needs of the child.
  • Present a positive image of Christian education in the early childhood field.
  • Promote the acceptance of all children the concept of accountable behavior, self respect, and respect for others.

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