CDEA recommends diversity in the implementation and selection of curricula in order to meet the individual needs and values of families and children.

CDEA believes that all Early Childhood Development Curricula should be:


  • comprehensive and integrated throughout the day
  • appropriate for the age and development of the child>
  • based on research
  • offered through activities in learning centers
  • offered in multiple modalities, for diverse learning styles, and through the five senses>

Moral/Spiritual Development

Christian curricula should include:

  • Judeo-Christian values
  • Biblical truths
  • Integration of Biblical Principles


CDEA encourages the use of research-based assessments to:

  • the learning environment
  • the pupil-teacher interaction using a formal tool such as The CLASS* Tool.
  • the progress of the children enrolled
  • provide ongoing development and educational progress documented and communicated to parents through written form.

*CDEA provides nationally-trained trainers for members support in using The CLASS Tool resource.

CDEA Curriculum Resources


WEE Learn

Weekday Early Education (WEE) Learn Curriculum is a developmentally appropriate weekday curricula for Christian settings designed for young children ages birth through Pre-K.

Wee Learn2WEE Learn is grounded in evidence-based practices, programs using the WEE Learn philosophy and curriculum work to support children and families.  Children’s individual differences and learning styles are considered as they learn through play and interactions with supportive early childhood teachers to maximize each child’s learning potential

WEE Learn is a curriculum that supports best practice and has been evidence-based researched and cross-referenced with the Florida Performance Standards.  Click on the WEE Learn Curriculum Guide for more information.

Roads To Readiness


Reinforce your character education program with the Roads to Readiness Kit by Ellen McKinley.

Strengthens efforts to enhance moral values and developmental education both at school and at home.

The Kit includes: 18 book bags, 30 books for Character Education, 3 reviews on the 12 Values, 36 travel vehicles, 12 Great Job Certificates, Two sets of 18 Activity Kits, a reproducible CD, parent agreement and checklists, along with all the supporting materials to make character education a success in your classroom. Road to Readiness also offers a Christian Value Appendix which can be added to the teacher manual.

Faithful Beginnings Readiness Guide

faithful-beginnings ElevateEarlyBeginnings

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.- Proverbs 22:6 

Lack of school readiness is an issue that affects children from ALL walks of life.  As a people of faith, we have a responsibility to ensure the children in our families, congregations, and communities receive the care and support they need to succeed.  Click here to download the Faithful Beginnings Readiness Guide.

When we train up a child, we transform a community.The faith community plays a critical role in supporting all families and equipping them with the tools and guidance to be successful.  The E3 Faith Coalition has provided this excellent resource for use with standards and for parents to use at home with faith-based focused learning.

Infant & Toddler – A Guide for Professional Caregiving and Activities

A Guide for Professional Caregiving and Activities is a carefully written curriculum that is based on sound developmental practices. This curriculum includes a training manual and curriculum guide for teachers of children, birth to 3 years. The guide is divided into three sections, 0-8 months, 6-18 months, and 16-36 months. The loose-leaf binder provides flexibility for adding supplementary curriculum materials. It can be used with separate or multi-age groups and is ideal for child care programs or family home providers. This guide will benefit both children and caregiver!


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