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The CDEA believes children learn to their maximum potential when developmentally appropriate materials and resources are used to guide their physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and moral/spiritual development.  Our homes, state, and nation are best served when the values of God are revealed to children by the day-to-day Christian lifestyle of parents, teachers, and significant others.

The CDEA encourages legislative involvement; quality accreditation; well-trained staff; child development education; quality, comprehensive curricula inclusive of faith-based materials, values and developmentally appropriate practice; and ministries to families in need.  We also work  with and provide resources for other faith-based and values-based groups.

Since the founding in 1993, the goal of CDEA has been to share ideas, develop relationships and to network with leaders in the early education, child care and church industry. As we celebrate our 20 years of service and sharing and learning from each other, we are excited about the decades ahead and the impact that we can have as we join together serving children across the nation.

We believe in the power in numbers and in the sharing of ideas to make the entire field of professional stronger and more influential in building a voice for quality in Christian settings.

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Membership in an early childhood professional organization such as CDEA is required for renewal of specific Early Childhood Professional Credential and all Florida Child Care Professional Credentials. Renewing your membership each year ensures you will receive all the Member Benefits CDEA offers without interruption. Take a minute to review your CDEA Membership and renew online today!

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