Your Opportunity to Invest In The Future.

At CDEA we have developed a long-range plan for growth, stability, and future opportunities. We encourage you to choose the best fit for your giving needs from the below:

  • CDEA Fund for Acquiring and Updating WEE Learn

    This Christian endeavor supports maintaining choices in curricula, which includes Christian Curricula, by acquiring, updating, and cross-referencing a Christian Curricula for ages Birth through Pre-K 4 that is age-appropriate and meets the newly established standards. The CDEA is in the process of acquiring the nationally used and non-denominational WEE Learn curricula and providing the necessary updates and cross-references to meet the pending national requirements for early childhood curricula.

  • Claude Saunders Scholarship

    A Professional Development Scholarship developed to assist current CDEA members with the financial means to attend CDEA Training and to secure entry-level credentials.

  • Howard Sweet Scholarship

    A Family (Parent) Assistance fund to assist families who are experiencing an extreme emergency such as fire, death in the family, job loss and do not qualify for public assistance.

  • Reach One. Teach One. – Matching Funds Program

    Administrative Members using CDEA’s Reach One, Teach One scholarship program can apply for a 50% match to their scholarship funds. This program is designed to match funds for a defined time period.

  • Adopt A Box – Disaster Relief Program

    CDEA joins in partnership with Bright Horizons Family Solutions, Mercy Corps, JP Morgan Chase and Kaplan Early Learning Company as part of the Bright Spaces in a Box. This fund has been used for national and international disaster relief.

  • Gifts of Service

    Gifts of Service is an awards dinner for the staff of Christian programs that excel in one of five ares. Three Finalist are chosen for each category. Donations fund the dinner for the finalists, the plaques, and other overhead expenses. It is a wonderful evening of affirming the value the high quality work they do and the high scores they receive.

  • External Growth Fund

    Donations may be made and applied to advance the work of CDEA and to specific needs.

How Your Donation Helps

  • Unites the Christian early care and education community in preserving the integrity of our faith-based teaching and child development programs.
  • Assists policymakers in their efforts to provide children with safe, healthy learning environments.
  • Reaffirms the role of the traditional family lifestyle.
  • Promotes a better understanding of developmentally appropriate education based on the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and moral/spiritual needs of the child.
  • Presents a positive image of Christian education in the early childhood field.
  • Promotes the acceptance of all children and the concept of accountable behavior, self respect, and respect for others.


Donation Amount

WEE Learn Research and Enhancements
Claude Saunders Scholarship
Howard Sweet Scholarship
Reach One. Teach One.(Matching Funds Program)
Adopt A Box(Disaster Relief Program)
External Growth Fund
Gifts of Service

CDEA is a not-for-profit corporation under IRS Code 501c3. As such, all contributions are fully tax deductible.